Quick Start


HivePress is a WordPress plugin, so the only requirement is a working WordPress installation. Many hosting providers offer 1-click WordPress installation, but if you are a more advanced user, you might prefer to install it manually.

Installing HivePress

Please follow the screencast below to install the HivePress plugin.

Installing ListingHive

We strongly recommend using the official ListingHive theme because it was designed for HivePress and its extensions. You can also check our premium themes that may suit your website better depending on its niche. Skip this step if you want to use another theme.

Installing extensions

Please follow the screencast below to install extensions according to the functionality you want to add to your website.

Setting Up

That's it! Now you can go through the HivePress settings and start adding content. If you installed ListingHive, we recommend starting with the demo content instead of creating pages from scratch.

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