How to install extensions

Automatic installation

Please follow the screencast below if you want to install one of our free extensions available on the repository.

Manual installation

If you have the extension ZIP file, please follow the screencast below to install it. The screencast shows the installation of the Statistics extension, but the process is the same for any other HivePress extension.

Once you finish the installation of a premium extension, please add your license key in HivePress > Settings > Integrations > HivePress Store section to enable automatic updates.

Please note that if you're using a Mac with Safari, your extension zip file will automatically be unzipped. To avoid this, you'll need to adjust your Safari Preferences:

  1. Open Safari;
  2. Click Preferences;
  3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option "Open “safe” files after downloading";
  4. Download the file again.
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