How to customize the vendor names

By default, the vendor name is synced with the user name. If you don’t want to use the first, last, or full name of the user, you can create a separate field for this purpose:

  1. Create a new Text attribute in Vendors > Attributes. For example, you can add a "Company" attribute if vendors on your site are actually companies and the vendor name should be the company name.
  2. Mark it as Editable and Required, and set any additional restrictions if needed.
  3. Go to HivePress > Settings > Vendors > Display, and select the newly created attribute as a Display Name (e.g. “Company” from the example above).

Now a custom field you’ve added will appear in the vendor profile form, and its value will be used as a vendor name. Please note that a vendor name is synced only when the profile form is updated.

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