How to add a listing expiration date

If you want to set a specific time duration for listings to be published on your website, go to HivePress > Settings > Listings > Expiration section.  In the Expiration period field, specify the number of days after which listings will expire. 

Please note that this period applies to all listings on your website (e.g., if it was published on Thursday at 14:00 and 2 days are specified in the Expiration Period field, then the expiration time will be Saturday at 14:00).

You can also set the listing expiration date for each listing separately. To do this, go to WP Dashboard > Listings > Edit Listing > Settings section and enter the date in the Expiration date field.

Please note that the listing will expire at midnight on the date specified (e.g., if the date is January 1, the listing will expire on January 1 at 00:00).

As a result, when the listing expiration date comes, the listing will get the Draft status and will not be published.

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