How to generate listing titles automatically

If you want to generate listing titles based on your custom listing fields, you can enable the Title feature. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the HivePress > Settings > Listings > Display section;
  2. Set a token into the Title field with the custom field name like %listing.your_attribute_name_here%
  3. Click Save Changes.

Now, all the new listings on your website will have titles generated automatically based on the chosen attribute. For example, if you have a car directory website that has Make, Model, and Year listing attributes. You can set the following token in the Title field:

%listing.make% %listing.model% %listing.year%

The generated title on your listing will look this way: “Toyota Corolla 2012”.

Please note that if this feature is enabled, the Listing Title field in the listing submission form will be hidden.

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