How to add listing attributes

If you want to add custom listing fields (in HivePress, they are called "attributes"), you can do that in the WP Dashboard > Listings > Attributes > Add New section. Each attribute can be customized in several different contexts: Editing, Search, and Display.

We’ll cover each context and its settings below.


  • Editable - if this is enabled, users will be able to edit this field on the front end;
  • Moderation - if this is enabled, website admins will have to manually approve any changes to this attribute (e.g., if a user changes some value, the admin approval will be required);
  • Field Type - here, you can choose the attribute type like URL, Text, Checkbox, etc.;
  • Description - you can add the attribute description if it's unclear (it will appear below the attribute title);
  • Placeholder - here, you can set the text that will be displayed in the attribute field as a hint until you enter the actual value.


  • Filterable - enable it if you want to allow users to use this attribute value as a search filter for listings;
  • Indexable - enable it if you want to allow users to find this attribute value via keyword search;
  • Searchable - enable this option if you want to allow users to use this attribute value as an option to search for listings in the search bar;
  • Sortable - allows users to sort listings using the attribute value;
  • Field Type - here, you can specify how the filter will be displayed in the sidebar.


  • Areas - here, you can define where the attribute will appear on the listing template (please check the picture below to get a better idea of the template areas);
  • Icon - here, you can set an icon for your attribute;
  • Format - here, you can set how the attribute will look on the front end using existing tokens or additional HTML code  (e.g., you can set it as a link <a href="%value%">Custom link</a> )
Click to see a larger version

The screencast below shows the process of adding listing attributes.

Now, when adding a new listing or editing the existing one, there should be a new custom field in the listing submission form.

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