How to set up Schema

Schema markup is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines understand the content on your website in order to serve rich results. It allows search engines to understand the meaning and relationships behind entities available on your site.

To set up Schema, navigate to the entity SEO settings (e.g. HivePress > Settings > Listings > SEO) and select one of the available schema types. For example, if listings on your website represent companies, select the LocalBusiness type.

Next, edit the entity attributes and select the corresponding schema properties in the attribute SEO settings. For example, if there's a listing attribute that represents the company email address, select the email property for it.

Some schema properties are added automatically depending on the installed HivePress extensions. For example, if you have the Geolocation extension installed, then address, latitude, longitude, and hasMap properties will be added automatically once the listing location is set.

After you map the attributes to schema properties, you can validate Schema to make sure that all the properties are valid.

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