How to add meta tags

Meta tags are code snippets that tell search engines important information about the page, such as how they should index it or display it in search results.


The Robots tag controls whether a page is indexed and whether search engines crawl the links on that particular page. For example, you can add the noindex tag in HivePress > Settings > Vendors > SEO section if you want to exclude vendors from search results.


The Title tag defines the page title displayed in the search results. For example, if you want the listing title to differ from the search results title, set the title format in HivePress > Settings > Listings > SEO section. You can use tokens for attribute values:

%listing.title% (%listing.price%)


The Description tag defines the page description displayed in the search results. If required, you can set the description format in the same way as for the Title tag.

Some tags are added automatically depending on the settings above, e.g. title, description, and image tags for Facebook and Twitter sharing.

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