How to sync availability with other calendars

If you want to sync the listing's availability with external platforms (e.g. Google Calendar), you can check the Syncing option in HivePress > Settings > Bookings.

Once you check it, each listing will have a Booking Import URL field that accepts ICS links and a Booking Export URL field that allows you to copy the listing ICS link.

Please note that if the Manage availability per vendor feature in HivePress > Settings > Bookings is enabled, you will find these fields in Account > Settings (from the front end).

For example, if you copy the Google Calendar ICS link to the Booking Import URL field in the listing form, this listing will block dates that are not available in Google Calendar. Similarly, copying the listing's  Booking Export URL link to the Google Calendar settings will block dates that are not available in the listing calendar.
Please note that there may be a different sync frequency depending on the platform. For example, Google Calendar has no guaranteed sync frequency, while Airbnb syncs the calendar every 2 hours.
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