How to manage listing claims

If you want to allow business owners to claim listings on your website so they can edit details, reply to messages, etc., you have to install the HivePress Claim Listings extension.

Once you install the add-on, the Claim Listing link will appear under all non-verified listings on your website. Any registered user will be able to submit a claim with the proving that they are the listings’ owners.

All the submitted claims will appear in the WP Dashboard > Listings > Claims section with a Pending status. As an admin, you can approve it by clicking Publish or reject it by moving it to Trash.

If the claim is approved, the user gets set as a listing vendor and receives access to edit its details, reply to messages and reviews, etc. The complete list of features depends on the extensions installed on your website.

Please note that when the listing gets the Verified status, no one can claim it anymore.

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