How to get a Google Maps API key

If you selected Google Maps as a map provider in the HivePress > Settings > Listings > Geolocation section, you need to get a Google Maps API key. Before you start using the Google Maps API, you need a project with a billing account. You can create a project and enable billing via the Google Cloud Console.

Once you create a project, please enable the following APIs for it: Places API, Geocoding API, and Maps JavaScript API. Next, follow the Google documentation to create and restrict an API key. Please make sure that all 3 APIs are also enabled for the key you created.

After you create an API key and set HTTP restrictions for it, please set it in HivePress > Settings > Integrations > Google Maps section.

If you also enabled Regions, please create a second API key without HTTP restrictions and set it in the Secret Key field. This key should be kept secret since without HTTP restrictions any other website may use it to access Google Maps API.

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